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North Cyprus Beaches: Sea-Sand-Sun

The glorious natural beauty of North Cyprus awaits you on its beaches, among clear seas and golden sands. You can take a short break from your rushed and tiring life to discover the most serene bays. Kyrenia's most popular beaches include Acapulco, Escape, Golden Bay and Sunset Beach Club but the most beautiful beach of Cyprus is in Karpas, Famagusta - the Golden Beach.

While the burnished gold sun smiles down on North Cyprus, you can set your cares aside and cool down in the waters of the Mediterranean. You can detox your body and store up vitamin D. Ecotourism activities in the first light of morning will open doors for you into new worlds. You can then enjoy an uninterrupted siesta to the accompaniment of the cicadas, so that you will be well rested in preparation for the long delightful evening.

You can enjoy the authentic cuisine of North Cyprus accompanied by a delicious glass of lemonade in the gentle evening breeze.

The most golden of suns will glisten in your hair and the bluest of seas will embrace your body on the sands of the beach.

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