cultural heritage, north cyprus


Cultural Heritage of North Cyprus

Cyprus has been a centre of attraction throughout its history. It has taken something from the culture of almost all of the civilizations, which have come and gone, during the time it sheltered them on its soil.

You can find traces of these civilizations and catch a glimpse of the mysterious past with every step you take. Something has been left behind by each of them: the Byzantines, Lusignans, Venetians, Ottomans and the British. North Cyprus shares this historical legacy with you in its songs, in its streets and in its trees. Venetian city walls surround Lefkosa and Famagusta and the whole of North Cyprus is still overlooked by grand castles, cathedrals in which kings were crowned, monasteries dedicated to the saints who spread Christianity, tombs which are still visited, dervish lodges and interesting early experiments in social housing.

In North Cyprus, where architecture reached its with Gothic movement, you can see, visit and follow in the footsteps of the past at St. Hilarion Castle, built by the Byzantines, Bellapais Monastery from Lusignan Period, the Great Khan of the Ottomans and at various buildings displaying the architecture of the British Period.

The cultural legacy of Northern Cyprus, which goes right back to the classical period, is expressed in hundreds of works which can be visited and viewed. Examples of the cultural legacy which awaits you include the city of Soli in Guzelyurt/Lefke, the Vouni Palace and the St. Mamas Monastery, Kyrenia Castle in Kyrenia, Bellapais Abbey and St. Hilarion Castle, the Venetian city walls of Lefkosa, the cathedral of St. Sophia, the Arab Ahmet Houses and he Great Khan (Buyuk Han), the Venetian Palace in Famagusta, Namık Kemal's Dungeon and the cathedral of St. Nicholas, the ancient city of Salamis and St. Barnabas Monastery in Iskele and the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas on the Karpas Peninsula.