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North Cyprus Culture

The living representatives of the culture and heart of Cyprus are its continuing traditional handicrafts, including Lefkara and Lapta embroidery, lacework, basketwork chairs, silk embroidery, wicker basketry, woodcarving and ceramics. You can see these handicrafts at the Buyuk Han (the Great Khan) and various points in Northern Cyprus and buy them as gifts.

While you eat the Seftali kebab, the shish kebab or kup kebab with relish, you can cool down with fresh, homemade lemonade.

While you land an ear to Cyprus's own Dillirga music and watch lovers make eyes at one another, you can treat yourself to marvellous feast of walnut macun. Then you can have a cup of traditional coffee and have your fortune read in the coffee grounds, confident that the there is peace and joy in store.