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Food & Drinks

There is no end to the delicacies of North Cyprus. The meals, meze and sweets which are unique to the Northern Cyprus cuisine include halloumi, the famous Cyprus cheese, molohiya (chicken or lamb cooked with the leaves of the mallow family), kolokas (the Cyprus root vegetable), pirohu (pasrty parcels filled with cheese), pasta bake, roast potatoes, herse (wheat and ground meat), a large number of unique meze, şeftali kebab (a form of meat-ball or sausage which is unique to Cyprus), küpkebabı (oven kebab), hırsız kebabı (baked shoulder of lamb), sweets include sucuk (fruit “sausage”), köfter (made with flour and grape molasses), paluze (a blancmange), ekmek kdayıfı (shredded cereal with syrup and soft white cheese), sütlü börek (a milk pudding made with filo pastry), sini katmeri (a white cheese and almond pastry), and macun (a form of fruit compote) made of walnut, bitter orange, bergamot or squash. The verigo grape is also something you have to try. “Let us eat sweet and speak sweet”, and “A single cup of coffee brings forty years of friendship” are sayings that you can hear on every street corner.

Many restaurants in North Cyprus offer the local speciality sweets for you to try, in addition to standard international cuisine.