iskele, north cyprus



The natural beauties and historical treasures of the Iskele/Karpas region include: Altin Kumsal (Golden Beach), Panagia Theodokou Church at Iskele, the Iskele Museum of the Natural World, and the Chruch of St. James. Kantara Castle, which, at an altitude of approximately 700 meters above sea level, is one of the three high castles of the Besparmak range. The Boltasli Panagia Kanakaria Church. The ecotourism areas of the villages of Buyukkonuk, Kumyali and Mhemetcik. Kral Tepesi (the King's Hill) at Kaleburnu village, Nitovikla Castle, the Ay Trias Basilica at Sipahi village, with its floor mosaics dating from the 5th and 6th centuries AD, the Giant Statues of the archaic period, the city of Aphendrika (Urania), the Church of Ay Philon, which dates to the 5th century BC, the National Park Area, home of the donkeys which are one of the symbols of Cyprus, areas suitable for trekking and special interest tourism, the Neolithic city of Castros, which dates back to 6000 BC and the Monastery of the Apostolos Andreas, recognized as a sacred site, at the easternmost tip of the island of Cyprus.