kyrenia, north cyprus



Kyrenia (or Girne in Turkish) is the center of tourism in North Cyprus and bears the unmistakable characteristic of a Mediterranean city and of an island city. Kyrenia hotels are perfect for a holiday in North Cyprus. Kyrenia Castle bears the marks of the Byzantine, Lusignan and Venetian Periods, but has reached us, for the most part, intact. It has been laid out as a contemporary museum, including an interpretive center, dungeons, the Church of St. George, a display of artifacts from the Vrysi Neolithic Site, a re-creation of the Kirni (Pinarbasi)Tombs, the Mediterranean Tomb Excavation Section, the Venetian Tower, the Cistern, the Lusignan Tower, displaying a 2,300 years old ship dating back to 300 BC. It dominates Historic Kyrenia Harbour, recognised as the most beautiful port of the Mediterranean. St. Hilarion Castle, which, at an altitude of 732 metres, is one of the North Cyprus's 3 mountain castles, has the following display areas: interpretive centre, the Barbican, storerooms, workshop, kitchen, the cistern, the Royal Palace, Prince John's Tower and the Byzantine Church. Another masterpiece is the Bellapais Abbey, one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture of the medieval Eastern Mediterranean. With all its offerings, Kyrenia is a perfect resort for North Cyprus holidays.

Other sites to visit in the Kyrenia are include Buffavento Castle, the Church of the Archangelos Michael and Icon Museum, the Sourp Magar Armenian Monastery, the Antiphonidis Church, the ancient city of Lambousa and the Alevkaya area and Herbarium where you can see species of endemic of Cyprus, orchid species and rare plants.