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North Cyprus Nature

Nature begins to stir during winter in North Cyprus, donning its most beautiful colours in spring to present a scene of unparalleled beauty. In high summer, we say farewell to the feast of colours as the Mediterranean sun begins its long reign. In autumn the island enters a period of calm and repose. The spiritual tranquillity and the real taste of life that we are all seeking is here in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus shares with you its God-given gifts of beauty.

The dazzling natural fabric awaits you from the rocks of Petro Tou Limnidi on the far west to Cape Zafer at the easternmost tips of the Karpas Peninsula. The fertile soils, covered in the Mediterranean flora, are as unspoiled as they were on the day they were created.

Basking and resting on the tranquil beaches to the sound of the cicadas and bathing in the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean are the most precious blessings that North Cyprus had to offer. Enjoying the sea on untouched beaches amounts to a holiday beyond compare. The green Gulf of Guzelyurt in the east awaits you, with the cultural heritage of Soli and Vouni looking on and you can sip your coffee under the shadow of venerable ancient olive trees. You can get to know the cathedrals of kings decorated with Ottoman minarets and walk the historic, mystical Ottoman and Gothic cloisters of Lefkosa. You can walk in the footsteps of the Lusignans and the Venetians in Kyrenia's ancient harbour, in the shadow of the Besparmak mountains. Heading south, the golden plain of Maserya will amaze you and you will be beckoned by the Venetian city walls of Famagusta and the Othello Tower, to the accompaniment of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Welcomed by the magic and mystery of Famagusta, you make for the untouched and undisccovered Karpas Peninsula, the virgin country of the island. The island donkeys of Karpas will greet your entry to this landscape, distinguished by its unique ornithology, the home of the Medos tulip.