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North Cyprus Holidays - The Undiscovered Gems on Cyprus Island

North Cyprus holidays - In a world which is ever shrinking as travel gets easier and faster, there is a constant search for some place in the sun that retains a sense of a time lost, where beaches are long, sandy, washed by gentle surf and amazingly uncluttered. That country is North Cyprus, offering perfect holidays in the Mediterranean.

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Here is a holiday destination that caters for all requirements. Reclusive travellers seeking the remote peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the working day, will be more than delighted by finding one of the many rural retreats that Northern Cyprus holidays have to offer.

For those looking for bright lights and all-round entertainment there are plenty of hotel resorts that offer just that on your holidays in North Cyprus. From the moment of arriving at the chosen destination there are selected hotels that provide everything from a five star breakfast to all day pampering and in the evening under the starlit sky, dancing the night away to music from a live band.

There are superb restaurants that produce a range of menus from all over the world, though by far the best cuisine is that from the many Turkish restaurants that can be found in all the towns and villages. No matter where you choose to eat, the food will be truly fresh and cooked to order. Salad vegetables are grown all across the country and a glimpse inside the polythene tunnels that can be found in the countryside will confirm just how fresh these products are. Tomato vines, cucumbers, many-coloured peppers are grown in vast numbers. Melons, honeydew and the bright red-fleshed water melon are strewn across the fields and can be bought for a few pennies. Or in Turkish currency a few kurush! One hundred Kurush equal One Turkish Lira with the current rate of exchange being? Grilled meat, chicken, lamb and beef is mostly locally produced and restaurants serving fish will usually serve whatever has been caught by the little fishing boats that day. Anyone thinking that Calamari tastes like a nasty dish of fried rubber-bands should try a dish of this local delicacy and they will soon change their mind.

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┬áThe obvious scenic attractions of North Cyprus are those that promoters of the island’s delights show in vivid photographic detail: Salamis the Roman city a few miles north of Famagusta; the mountain castles of St. Hilarion, Buffavento and Kantara that are spaced along the Five Finger mountain range; the mosaic decorated basilica of Soli and the hill-top palace of Vouni to the west of Guzelyurt; the walled cities of Famagusta and the capital Nicosia both containing examples of Gothic and Venetian period architecture, and Kyrenia situated on the north coast. Indeed this is at should be because there are few more beautiful harbours anywhere in the Mediterranean than the one that graces the sea front in Kyrenia. Lined with old carob-warehouses that are now restaurants which serve the full range of mouth-watering Turkish cuisine and that essential Cyprus accompaniment, a brandy sour or glass of aniseed flavoured Raki. This is a truly romantic place to sit as the sky darkens around a blood-red setting sun. Where you can soak up the atmosphere as the lights softly glow upon the limpid waters and the old castle stands guard in the background as it has done for many centuries.

Salamis is the most important archaeological site on the whole island and is a “must see” for anyone interested in the island’s history. Famagusta walled city has a rich and bloody past with perfect examples of Venetian military architecture in the many bastions that form part of the city walls, and in the centre is the small Gothic styled cathedral that was transformed into the Lala Mustafa Mosque after the Ottoman conquest of 1572.

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Nicosia remains the capital for both the Turkish North Cyprus and the Republic in the south it is divided by a physical border that is open to European citizens on production of their passport. This is a city that contains prominent landmarks of its Colonial past and is best seen on foot and not by car. The maze of narrow streets was designed for pedestrians or pack animals as proved by the magnificent structure in the centre of the city. The most important building of the Ottoman period the Great Inn (Buyuk Han) where traders from the east would bring their merchandise in by camel and then sell or exchange it with other traders from the west.

Leisure activities include golf on the very fine Korineum course at Esentepe to the east of Kyrenia, or walking along the many shaded paths in the mountains, a pastime that is particularly popular during spring, and water sports provided by many of the hotels along the shoreline during the months of summer.

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In the Northern section of the divided island of Cyprus there is a welcome waiting that exceeds all expectation. The endemic people are known for their friendliness and desire to please, nothing is ever too much trouble and they go out of their way to fulfil everyone’s dreams and make their holiday something special that will be remembered for years to come.

The summer is long and filled with abundant sunshine. The spring and autumn seasons bring a time of cooler weather and the emergence of the island’s varied flora, while the winter months will still produce sunny days that are perfect for long walks in the mountains or the ideal opportunity to explore the many ancient sites which are all part of the rich historical culture of North Cyprus.

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