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North Cyprus Transportation

During your holiday in Northern Cyprus, you will have the opportunity to find different means of transportation while travelling to and from Ercan Airport, between the cities and in the city centres. In your travel from the city centres to Ercan Airport and vice versa, it is possible to use the comfortable and the luxury taxi service as well as the regular airport shuttle bus service KIBHAS that operates between Ercan Airport and the city centres. In addition, for travelling between the 5 major cities of North Cyprus, you can use taxi service and the “dolmuĊŸ” style buses that operate regularly between the cities and that depart not on fixed schedules but leave as soon as they are fully. Alternatively if you would like to travel in North Cyprus driving by yourself, you can get in touch with a car rental company. North Cyprus car hire is the best way of exploring the unspoilt part of Northern Cyprus. According to the rules and regulations in North Cyprus, you must have a valid driving licence in order to rent a car. It is important to remember that traffic is on the left in North Cyprus. More detailed information can be received from the local tourism information offices.